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I’m Telling You Tuesday

Candy corn is everywhere this time of year!  Truly, it’s become a great symbol of fall, and I can’t say that I don’t love the color combinations… because I do!  Bright in a fall palette.  It just seems right.  I guess Mother Nature is a pretty stylish gal, eh?

So many ways to use these colors… and not just in candy corn!  Check it out!!  And don’t blame me if you get a craving for some candy corn!!

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Have you seen the Camp Gyno video released by Hello Flo, a tampon delivery company?  I hadn’t until last week…. but it’s gone viral — almost 5 million views since July 28.  I don’t know a better way to get folks to notice your new company than to get a conversation-starting video to go viral.

I couldn’t have named a tampon delivery company before this.  But now I can!!

And, yes, I have shown the video to Ariel.  She was a bit embarrassed, but laughed at a few parts.  It was especially funny to her because she portrayed Joan of Arc at her elementary school’s wax museum in third grade.

Have you seen it?  Check it out.  It certainly has been viewed a lot already!


(This is not an endorsement for Hello Flo, nor am I affiliated with them in any way.  I just liked the video and wanted to share it with you!)



Disclosure:  The below content is sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur’s Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

It’s summer and with that comes camp season. Kids playing in close quarters may lead to a common hard-to-treat problem: head lice. If your child brings home an extra louse house guest (or two) after camp, stay calm and know there are resources available to help.

Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice is an educational website created by head lice experts (and moms) for other moms, families and communities to learn about head lice—what they are, what they look like and how to treat them.

The site offers a variety of tools including:

  • The Headfirst! Lice Experience video allows you to choose your experience, whether it be you’re not sure you have lice, or you just want to get rid of them:

So if you’re trying to get rid of head lice post-camp, or a parent who always likes to be prepared for next season, visit Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice for more information.

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Staycation 2013


Welcome to our Staycation 2013 post!  Living in the Upstate of South Carolina, we’re lucky to have multiple free and low-cost attractions and family-friendly activities in our area, many of them within a short 1-2 hour drive.

Listed here are a few of our favorite places and spaces in the South Carolina Upcountry.

The Upstate of South Carolina can be defined in multiple ways, but I’m including six counties, based on the path of I-85 as it traverses South Carolina on its way from Atlanta, Georgia, to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Those six counties, listed alphabetically, are:  Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Oconee, Pickens, and Spartanburg.

This post focuses on Anderson County activities.  I’ll focus on a new county each day this week and will link them all together at the end of the week.  Stay tuned!!


Anderson County

Anderson County Museum


Anderson County Museum in Anderson, South Carolina

Discover Anderson County’s history with a trip through time at the Anderson County Museum.  Located in downtown Anderson, the museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as the historic Robert Anderson Memorial Fountain.


Anderson County Museum Store in Anderson, South Carolina

There’s also a South Carolina-themed gift shop for all your Palmetto product needs!

Details You’ll Need:  Admission is free.  The Anderson County Museum is located at 202 East Greenville Street, Anderson, South Carolina.  Phone:  864.260.4737.  Hours:  Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm; Wednesday-Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.


Anderson Arts Center


Anderson Arts Center in Anderson, South Carolina

Filled with rotating exhibits and activities that promote the creation and appreciation of the arts in Anderson County, the Anderson Arts Center also hosts a series of arts classes and a dynamic arts camp that involve locals of all ages.

Details You’ll Need:  Admission is free.  The Anderson Arts Center is located at 110 Federal Street, Anderson, South Carolina.  Phone:  864.222.2787.  Hours:  Tuesday – Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.


Downtown Anderson


Downtown Anderson, South Carolina

What’s not to like about a quaint central shopping district replete with a variety of restaurants and family-friendly activities?  Locally owned coffee shops and charming bistros provide ample dining opportunities in downtown Anderson.


A Little Birdie Told Me Carolina wren scavenger hunt in downtown Anderson, South Carolina

Fun for young and old alike, A Little Birdie Told Me is a Carolina wren-inspired scavenger hunt.  We had a great time searching for 22 bronze sculptures–some were much easier to find than others!  Download a brochure for your hunt here.


Generator Park in Anderson, South Carolina

Be sure to take a slight detour off Main Street to visit Generator Park, where you can learn about Anderson’s nickname, “The Electric City,” and see a generator that once produced electricity for the Anderson area at the Portman Power Plant.

Details You’ll Need:  Admission is free.  Contact the City of Anderson for more details and more attractions.  Phone:  864.231.5933.  Downtown Anderson website here.


Town of Belton

South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame, Ruth Drake Museum, and Belton Center for the Arts in Belton, South Carolina

The charming Anderson County town of Belton is home to the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame, the Ruth Drake (local history) Museum, and the Belton Center for the Arts.

Details You’ll Need:  Admission is free for all three attractions.  The South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and the Ruth Drake Museum are located in the historic Belton Depot building at 100 North Main Street, Belton, South Carolina.  Phone for South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and Ruth Drake Museum:  864.338.7400.  Hours for South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and Ruth Drake Museum:  Wednesday and Thursday, 9 am – 2 pm; Friday, 9 am – 4 pm; Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm.  The Belton Center for the Arts is located at 306 City Square.  Phone:  864.338.8556.  Hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 5:30 pm; Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm.


Callaham Brothers Orchard in Belton, South Carolina

One of our favorite “refueling stations” in Belton is Callaham Orchards, where some sort of fruit or vegetable is almost always in season and ready to U-Pick.  And, ummm, the ice cream they serve there is really, really good too.  (yes, I know it isn’t free like most everything else listed here is, but supporting a local farmer is a good idea!)

Details You’ll Need:  Admission is free.  There are seasonal activities and product purchases that are available for a small fee.  Callaham Orchards is located at 559 Crawford Road, Belton, South Carolina.  Phone:  864.338.0810.  If you call ahead, there’s a message that will tell you special hours and product availability.  Hours: vary by season.  Call ahead for details and hours.


Town of Pendleton


Pendleton Square in downtown Pendleton, South Carolina

The entire town of Pendleton is on the National Register of Historic Places and features a charming village green as its centerpiece.  Antique shops, boutiques, several excellent restaurants, and two historic house museums offer a delightful variety of activities.


Woodburn and Ashtabula Historic House Museums in Pendleton, South Carolina

Pendleton Historic Foundation owns and operates two beautiful historic house museums, Woodburn and Ashtabula.  Both are available for touring during regular hours as well as rental for special events and private tours.  Admission is charged, but it is reasonably priced.

Details You’ll Need:  Admission per house is $6 for adults; $2 for children 5-10 years old; free for those under 5 years old.  Woodburn Historic House is located at 130 History Lane, Pendleton, South Carolina.  Phone:  864.646.7249.  Hours:  Thursday – Friday, 10 am – 1 pm; Sunday, 2 pm – 5 pm.  Ashtabula Historic House is located at 2725 Old Greenville Hwy (SC 88), Central, South Carolina.  Phone:  864.646.7249.  Hours:  Thursday – Sunday, 1-4 pm.


WOW!  That’s just a sampling of the wealth of family friendly activities in Anderson County, in the SC Upstate!  Join us tomorrow as we feature other great Staycation  ideas from around the country… and later on this week as we continue our tour through the South Carolina Upcountry!




This awesome infographic, courtesy of Teach.com, is designed to give high school students encouragement to find a great summer literary escape.  Studies have shown that students that do not read over the summer may lose up to three months of reading progress, so it’s important to find time to read between camp, vacations, sleepovers and everything else going on.


The Summer Reading Flowchart

I think that this is a great list of classic books that ALL of us should read!!  I was an English major and haven’t read some of these…. maybe I have my summer reading planned out!!

Stay tuned for a great list of tween summer reading books… it won’t be as pretty as this infographic, but it will feature some of our favorite books…. and some we’re adding to our pile for the summer!!


 scünci Hair Chalk


One of our favorite hair product companies, scünci, has introduced a new product–Hair Chalk–and sent a package for Ariel and me to try out!  **squeee**   The scünci Hair Chalk is available in dual packs of coral/purple or pink/turquoise.

We were so excited to receive the coral/purple and couldn’t wait to try it!!

It only took a quick minute to open the package….


scünci Hair Chalk out of the package


and then the fun began!

We did take the time to read the instructions before we started, because I’m a goober about those things.


scünci Hair Chalk back of package


And it’s a good thing we did.  There was a note for brunettes:


scünci Hair Chalk directions to use hair spray for darker hair


Ariel’s blessed with beautiful brunette hair so I knew we would need that tip.  Because she really wanted intense color!


Ariel's bangs before scünci Hair Chalk application


Here are her bangs after my first swipe at them with the coral chalk:


Ariel's bangs first swipe with scünci Hair Chalk


Yes, we certainly needed to use some hair spray.  The hair spray made the chalk stick more to her hair.  (I think I pulled a little too hard and caused some of the chalk to crumble slightly… oops.  User error!)

As you can see here, the color did intensify.


Ariel's bangs after hair spray with scünci Hair Chalk


And when we went outside, the color was even stronger!


Ariel's bangs after scünci Hair Chalk


She loved it!!

And true to their word, it washed out quite easily.  (Ariel would have preferred that it hadn’t, of course!)  And the bits and pieces of chalk dust washed away without any problem.  I was kind of worried about it, but I needn’t have stressed.

Definitely a product we are in love with and will be using multiple times!  We barely used any of the chalk during our application, so we can do this lots more.  :)




Would you and your tween like to try scünci Hair Chalk

You should enter our giveaway!!  Details are below.

But first, before you enter our giveaway, you should know about the scünci No-Slip Spring Bling Giveaway.  10 winners will be randomly selected on May 15 and will win a variety of products from the scünci No-Slip Grip Clips line, the new scünci Fashion Line and scünci Style Press-Ons.  Enter on the scünci Facebook page here.


scünci No-Slip Spring Bling giveaway


Guess what we saw on our latest excursion to Walgreen’s?  You’re right…scünci Hair Chalk!


scünci Hair Chalk at Walgreens


This fun scünci Hair Chalk is available for purchase at Walgreen’s, CVS, and Wal-mart for approximately $7.99.


You can win one here!

scünci is going to give one of our fabulous readers a dual pack of scünci Hair Chalk!

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us which color combination would be your favorite!  It’s that easy!

Optional entries (be sure to leave a separate comment for each action so you’ll get counted!!):

  • Blog about the giveaway and link back to us.  Be sure to comment here with the link to your post. (5 entries)
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  • May be done 10 times: leave a relevant comment on a non-giveaway post (be sure to leave a comment below telling which one (s) you did!) (1 entry per comment)

Giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older. ONLY comments left on this post will count as entries. All entries will be verified. Any that are not verifiable will be deleted. Giveaway ends Sunday, May 26, 2013, at 11:59 pm EDT. Winner will be notified via e-mail and will have 48 hours to reply to our e-mail. Please add thetweenandme (at) gmail (dot) com to your address book so you don’t miss our e-mail!


Disclosure: I was given the above mentioned product as a gift.  I received no other compensation.  All views here are mine.

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Yep, this is a Public Service Announcement. Not because someone paid me to publish it. It’s actually quite the opposite. I’m hoping that by posting this, YOU will PAY.  Pay attention to the plight of women and children around the globe–and around the corner–that are being victimized daily. They need us to recognize their plight, to find ways to help them.

Brave Girls Club, one of my very favorite inspirational and thought-provoking sites, posted this infographic on their Facebook page and asked for folks to share it.  It’s from Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share it with you.  Not delighted that it needs to be shared, but glad that I have an audience of caring, thoughtful readers that will take this message and make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most.

Human Trafficking is REAL.  It is happening here, in our suburbs, in our cities, in our rural areas.  Not in some one else’s faraway corner of the world.  THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Check out this infographic.


National Human Trafficking infographic from Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange


Sad.  Unfortunately true. 

Please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-3737-888 if you suspect someone is a victim.  You may be the only person who can help them.

If you would like to learn more about Human Trafficking, check out Polaris Project here and She’s Worth It! here.


Polaris Project



She's Worth It!


Join END IT and wear an X on your hand today to show your commitment to ending slavery!

Here’s mine:


Paula's X to end slavery


Check out this video from END IT.  Stunning statistics.  I had no idea just how prevalent slavery is.  No idea.



Today is April 9.  Won’t you draw a red X on your hand to show your support for ending slavery?  And if people ask why you have a red X on your hand, won’t you explain to them why it’s important that we work together to stop slavery once and for all?


If you’re like me, thinking about retirement {lounging on a beach with a cool drink in hand, natch!} sounds like a lot of fun…. but the prep work part of it absolutely does not.  Planning, saving, strategizing…. that is not exciting at all!  However, I am realistic enough to know that my dreams of beach lounging will go unfulfilled if I don’t plan.

And long before I relax on a beach, I need to ship Ariel off to college. I can bury my head in the sand all I want, but she is growing up every. single. minute. and will need to have funds set aside for her future education.

How to achieve both of those goals—and manage daily expenses?  I’m overwhelmed!!

Turns out I’m not the only one.  A recent research study, MassMutual’s State of the American Mom, found that a lot of Moms *want* to ensure their family’s financial futures, but are finding it hard to accomplish.


MassMutual's State of the American Mom study infographic


I do find that reassuring, I guess; I don’t feel so alone…. but I still need to start doing something productive.  I want to set a good example for Ariel–she needs to know how to manage money and plan for the future.  We do have a small CD that we contribute to every so often–and I talk to her about it each time we make a deposit–but I need to do more.  I coupon and work hard to stick to a monthly budget, but I’m not as proactive as I need to be in involving her in some of the minor decisions.  I am working on that, though, and pledge to work on being a positive role model for her.

MassMutual has developed a fun quiz to determine your Financial Personality Profile.  It’s ten quick, thought-provoking questions to get you started thinking about your attitudes toward finances…. and to give you some guidance on a few small steps you can take in planning your financial future.

I took the quiz and here’s my Financial Personality Profile:


MassMutual Financial Personality Profile


Ummmm, that is amazingly (and frighteningly!) true!  I am more than a bit of a control freak and I do need to make a commitment to set aside time to work on my finances.  Asking for help isn’t easy for me, but I do know that I don’t have all the answers I need to be successful at financial planning.

Wondering what your Financial Personality Profile is?

Wonder no longer!!  Here, you take the quiz too!



Want to learn more about MassMutual?  Check out their website here or find them on Twitter here and Facebook here.



Disclosure:  I wrote this post as participation in in a blog tour for Mom Central on behalf of MassMutual and received compensation in the form of an Amazon gift code to thank me for taking the time to participate.


As a parent who strives to cultivate curiosity in my child, I try to find teachable moments in every day life.  Sometimes it’s doing a quick math problem to figure out how many laps were going to be raced in Sunday’s NASCAR race (in the most recent race at Las Vegas, it was 267 1.5 mile laps to equal 400.5 miles) or maybe it’s having her figure out how much a cookie will be at her favorite fast food restaurant—after she added in tax!  (And ummm, is there an easy way to calculate sales tax on a partial dollar amount?)

I want her to wonder about everything!  Why is the sky blue?  Why is Mars red?  I want her to also be able to find out the answers for herself.  Experiment with Google.  Learn researching skills.  Know what is a reputable source and what isn’t.


12 Open Educational Resources from InformationWeek


Just found this phenomenal listing of 12 Open Educational Resources from Information Week, a special slideshow they compiled in recognition of Open Education Week, March 11-15, 2013.  (Who knew there was such a thing?!)


Khan Academy logo


While I was familiar with some of these opportunities, like Khan Academy, I wasn’t aware of others.  Which means, my curiosity has been piqued and I’ll be doing some research.

Why?  Because I’m curious too!  Because I’m firm believer that if you stop learning, you may as well be dead.  And I’m not ready for that now and hopefully never will be!

Tell me something you learned today!



2012 SportsKids of the Year Conner and Cayden Long


Have you heard of the Sports Illustrated Sportskids of the Year program?  I must admit, I did not know SI hosted such a program until today, but I’m so glad they do!  If not, I might never have heard of Connor and Cayden Long and their incredible teamwork.  Their courage and determination is inspiring for all of us.  I’ll definitely be showing this video to Ariel, who although she doesn’t have any siblings to squabble with, enjoys a close relationship with her cousins and even considers some of the younger children of my friends to be her “almost brothers and sisters.”

And she just devoured the brilliant novel, Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper.  It had a profound impact on her (more on that in a later post).  I think Conner’s words regarding the abilities of his brother Cayden will echo the thoughts in Out of My Mind.


Here’s the video of the 2012 Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year, Conner and Cayden Long.  (Be sure you have plenty of tissues ready!)



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