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Fabulous Friday Finds



Probably the hottest video out this week…. and I just got a chance to watch it.  I know, I know.  I should have watched it at the first mention I saw on Facebook—because it’s that good.  Really.

Watch it.  Pass it on.  The message is from a most unexpected (at least by me) person in the most unexpected place, but give it a chance.  You might just find that Chris is an unexpected gem.  I did.

One of my favorite lines:  “Build a life–don’t live one.  Build one.”

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Seems like so many of our favorite finds are DIY projects…. and so many are jewelry projects.  Hmmmm, does that mean we like to make jewelry or that we like to dream about making jewelry?  Or perhaps a little of both?


Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet from The Quiet Lion art blog


Lovelovelove this adorable Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet from the Quiet Lion.  How cute would this be done in holiday colors/patterns?

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Some of our favorite things from this week’s excursions in the interwebs…..


Dean Russo art


Love the artwork of Dean Russo.  Talented NY pop artist.  The colors are so….. perfect.  This Firu one has great wisdom too.


DIY Chandelier from Brassy Apple

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Have you seen the now-viral video of the World’s Cutest Frog?

Check it out:




How adorable is that?!

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Some of my favorite things from this week:




There’s nothing worse than having socks peeking out from a sweet pair of ballet flats.  Thank goodness for Keysocks!


nail polish storage from Fab Fatale

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It’s Friday and I’m betting you’re dying to see what fabulous-ness we’ve found this week!

Here ya go!


DIY Rhinestone Bangle from four flights of fancy


Love these DIY wrapped rhinestone bracelets (complete with tutorial!) from four flights of fancy!

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For the First Friday of January, I decided to feature some of my new favorite blogs and a few of their posts that I loved.

One of Ariel’s Christmas presents (and one that she was most frightened of!) was a sewing machine.  Both of my grandmothers and my mom are all seamstresses; it seems only natural that Ariel should be able to apply her innate creativity to bolts and bobbins.  This list of Sewing Tips for Beginners from Cold Hands Warm Heart seems to be a wonderful starting point for her lessons (those will commence after her cast is removed!)


sewing tips for beginners from Cold Hands Warm Heart

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for …


Yes, it’s time for the Watermelon Version of Fabulous Friday Finds!!  Ariel and I love watermelon.   Plain, fancy, it doesn’t matter.  We just enjoy it sooo much.  If you love watermelon as much as we do, you might find some of these ideas perfect for an end of summer party.

For a different appetizer, I think it would be yummy to start with Watermelon Salsa!!


It was such a simple, easy mission.  Should have been in-out-done.

I was looking for some craft ideas to entertain Ariel and her BFF, who is coming over for a spend-the-night tonight.

On Pinterest.

And we allllll know how that ends.

Hours later, I emerged with way more ideas than twenty tweens could manage to create at one party.  (well, between the giggling and nail painting and giggling and hair styling and giggling and movie watching and giggling, there’s just not that much time for crafting!)

And also I found TONS of great patriotic/4th of July ideas and since it’s that time of year, decided to share them with you.  A few are featured here.  The rest are on my Pinterest board.  :D

(Are you on Pinterest yet?  If not, just send me an email at thetweenandme (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I’ll send you an invite!)

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