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I’m Telling You Tuesday

by Paula on March 13, 2012


Have I ever told you I was an English major in college?  That I used to pride myself on my proofreading skills?

I was and I did.


Well, you know I’ve had a child since all of that and my brain is not what it used to be.  In fact, I have often told Ariel that while she was in utero, feasting on all the critical prenatal vitamins I struggled to keep down and jamming to all the fun music I enjoyed, she also sucked out all of my brain cells.  All of the good ones, anyway.

So now I write with a stammer, wondering to myself, is that the write right way to right write that?  Should I include too two examples to too?

(I also know that I now stumble when I talk, often inserting “blah-de-blah” in place of random nouns, verbs, and modifiers when the proper terminology just won’t pop out of my brain and off my tongue in a reasonable time frame.  It amuses Ariel to no end.  Stinker.)

I used to smirk about infographics like the one below.  Now I’m grateful for them. I appreciate the chance to learn something new and/or refresh my memory.  And while I strive to use perfect grammar and spelling, I know that I’m only human… and not just any human, I’m one who’s had a child steal all her good brain cells.  I’m telling you…. baby brain doesn’t end when the baby is born… or when she turns 5… or when she becomes a tween.  I’m not at all confident that it will ever end.  So, please, I’m begging, if you see a mistake or type that I missed, don’t be too judgmental!

Check out the 15 Grammar Goofs infographic from Copyblogger below.  Are you a grammar pro?  Will you share this with your tween?

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Like this infographic? Get more copywriting tips from Copyblogger.

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