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Surprise Me Sunday

by Paula on January 29, 2012


One of my most recent addictions is Pinterest.  I love all the great things that I’m finding.  So many fantastic ideas–recipes, crafts, home decor–I’m addicted!!

But I’ve found a dark side to Pinterest.  Seems that we pinners aren’t always as careful as we need to be.  Repinning items should take way more care than I’ve been taking.  I’m sad that I hadn’t thought through all of the ramifications of casual pinning.

Now, I know that sounds way more dramatic than you think is necessary, but I assure you that there is an obligation when it comes to using Pinterest.  We as users have an obligation to promote responsible pinning and that includes giving credit where credit is due… not just being lazy about it!!  It even says so in the terms of agreement I signed off on when I joined Pinterest!!

Here are some great articles that I found about Pinterest, discussing proper etiquette and why this is all so very important.  Give them a read and let me know what you think!

Crafterminds–thought-provoking practical suggestions about how to use Pinterest correctly

Addicted2Decorating–an interesting and sad commentary on pinning done badly

House of Hepworths–on why more and more creative bloggers are making sure their photos are watermarked–and how that will help to ensure that proper credit is given to the proper peeps

lolly jane boutique–a very creative and cute look at their love/hate relationship with Pinterest

What do you think?  Had you thought of all of these potential ramifications?  I know I hadn’t… and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.  And I’m sad too.  Now I’m going to start going through all of my boards and making sure I’ve pinned them correctly!!

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